Its A Boy

working with grandpa

Solomon declares in Ecclesiastes 1:9, “ What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

The first part of that verse surely applies to our life. We have been blessed with three daughters. We also had two other girls in our care. One for only a year, and one for six years. At times my husband complained he was drowning in estrogen. He survived thirty four years of a female majority and now there is something new in our home.

A boy to raise.

Yes Isaac brought his sister, but we now have the unfamiliar joy and challenge of raising a son.

Our first adventure—potty training.

I did the initial leg of the journey. Same as the girls. Sit and do your business. Our grandson, who shadows Grandpa, has discovered there is another way to complete the task. The “big boy” way. He is very impressed by his accomplishment. Now we  teach him to perfect his aim.

Our home has always been filled with dolls, dress-up clothes and drama. However, we’ve discovered boys play much differently than girls. Every car or truck is crashed and smashed. Loudly. Repeatedly. And they all morph into monster trucks that roll or climb on top of each other. Play doh is fun, sand is nice, dirt is better but mud is best. Isaac loves to run and swing and slide, but soon after his cousins arrives, its full-on wrestling, imitating their monster trucks.

Grandpa is enjoying his tag-along. A little boy who can’t wait to jump intoGrandpa and Isaac his boots, put on one of Grandpa’s hats and “go to work” in the sawmill, or around the farm. He “helps” cut firewood with his toy chainsaw and stacks small pieces of wood in the sawmill. Every tool he finds is a hammer in his hand.

When Grandpa goes to the music room to play his guitar and bass, Isaac accompanies him and plays the drums and sings. Loudly. Actually he has great musically ability with pitch and timing. Mostly likely he’ll be a drummer.

We cherish our something new under the sun, just as we cherished the girls. But we always prayed for a son. God finally said yes. A late in life son whose name means laughter.

 Our prayer:  Dear God, we are so blessed by this son and daughter you have brought into our lives. We recognize the responsibility you have entrusted to us. Please grant us the wisdom to do this task in a way that pleases You.