I Have the Blats!

April 11, 2016 003

Once again I face a new week with hopes of being more productive, more disciplined and less stressed. I thought about it for many hours last night as I tried to fall asleep. I worked up an ambitious game plan. Raising children again at this time in my life has been a challenge and I‘ve been striving for a method April 11, 2016 004to help me meet their needs and get it all done. Therefore, I prioritized my lists into urgent, important and things I really want to do and finally fell asleep.

So it is now morning, and after only 4 hours of sleep, my list and agenda looks as inviting as climbing the Himalayans. And as insurmountable.April 11, 2016 007

The driving rain is not helping to clear the funk in my mind either.

My dear mother-in-law would say I have “the blats.” A word that came out one day when she started to say she had the blahs and crossed it with another word. We laughed for ten minutes. The word stuck. We even memorialized it on a coffee cup. (If you can’t tell, I miss that sweet woman.)

April 11, 2016 012Some would say I need medication. Other would suggest a vacation. But the truth is I just need to write. I thought I would take a break from writing and read some books, watch some movies and do some puzzles as I chip away at my “TO Do” list.  I thought it was a good plan. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and watching other people’s stories but I have discovered it draws my butt into the recliner like a magnet. I can’t pull myself away and I feel empty at the end of the day.

Light has dawned into my sleepy mind this morning. For months I have been stifling my creativity. It has numbed my brain and left me with a sense of restlessness. And a long list of unaccomplishments –a new word I’ve created.

See I’m already more productive. Look out world. Look out lists. Look out kids. The juices are flowing.

So let me ask you. What gives you “the blats”?

I’d love to know what helps you become more productive and what numbs your brain and leaves you restless.

My prayer: Heavenly Father, You have created me with the ability and need to express myself. May my words reflect your love and encourage others. Help me be aware of what activities are preventing me from being my best as I raise these dear little ones.