Isaac’s Piggy

Sometimes life gets very hard. We all are wired to seek comfort. So when your life turns upside down, what do you use for comfort? Do you turn to family and friends or your faith for consolation? Maybe you run for chocolate, alcohol or “comfort foods.” Perhaps you find consolation using entertainment for distraction.

Isaac and Katrena look for solace in different ways. Both, however, seek the security of our arms. While Katrena asks to be “snuggled,” Isaac says, “I need to hold you” as he crawls into our arms.

He also holds his best friend, Piggy. Once his mother’s, this little pig has almost become an appendage.

Isaac carries Piggy with him wherever he goes, usually wedged in the crook of his arm. It’s amazing how much mischief his two little hands can create while still holding on to Piggy.
Although Piggy started out as a fluffy, purple pig with shiny black eyes, he has morphed into a pale purple, floppy pig that needs frequent “baths” in the washer. Once again he only has one eye. Initially he lost an eye when Isaac swung him by his little tail and banged it on the floor. For weeks Isaac showed everyone the hole where “Piggy’s eye is gone.” Finally he allowed his aunt to sew on a button eye. He took a long time to pick out just the right one. He chose a small, pink, round button. Isaac fingered the new “eye” constantly- when he wasn’t showing everyone that “Piggy’s got a new eye.” But worrying that button with his little fingers made the button fall off. My efforts to sew it back on were not well received. Isaac pulled the eye right off. His little pig is back to one eye and an eye socket.
Isaac is not affected by Piggy’s disfigurement. He lavishes Piggy with kisses. At bedtime I am required to follow Isaac’s kiss with one for Piggy. When Isaac is scared he is quick to reassure Piggy and he is careful to explain to Piggy where we are going, what we are doing and why sometimes he has to stay in the car.

Isaac’s attention turned to a rather odd new friend last week. A small pumpkin. For some reason the pumpkin received the Piggy treatment. Isaac carried the pumpkin all over the house, slept with his arms wrapped around it and held it on his lap so it could watch Curious George with him. He especially liked that he was able to bounce his new friend down the stairs and across the room. “Punkin” rolled better than Piggy. As the pumpkin softens, I’m thankful Isaac’s attention is once again fully focused on Piggy.

I can’t help but smile as I listen to Isaac talk to his best friend, especially when he snorts Piggy’s answers.

I envy the simplicity of his faith in Piggy. Then I realize if my dependency on God mirrors Isaac’s dependency on Piggy, I won’t need to run to anything else for comfort.

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone,  O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8.

My prayer: Father God, Thank you for teaching me the importance of relying on You alone through Isaac and his piggy.


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