Celebrating Milestones

Our family celebrated several milestones this week. Katrena turned nine years old and took her first dance class—ever.

Tap. Something she has wanted to learn since she saw Shirley Temple tap dancing in the movie Baby Take A Bow. It was a fitting birthday present.

Birthdays have always been celebrated in our family. I have wonderful memories of the special cakes my mother created with great enjoyment for her children and grandchildren. I remember cakes shaped like a butterfly, a doll, a giraffe, and even one in the shape of a piano. Now I‘m having a blast carrying on that birthday tradition. As soon as the children are old enough to have a preference, they choose a cake/party theme. We’ve had monster trucks, construction trucks, dolls, and castles. This week it was a unicorn.

Although my children and grandchildren focus on the cake, presents and playing games with cousins and friends, I want to mark it as a significant milestone. Another year completed. A wonderful time to acknowledge accomplishments and achievements and show them they are loved.

If they are having a “kids party” with a bunch of friends/classmates, I plan a separate event for family—those who have a positive impact on their life. We celebrate the beginning of a new year. New adventures, new privileges and new responsibilities.

Our family birthday celebrations are not only for the young, although it can be a little harder to get the adults into the young-at-heart mood.

This summer we celebrated my dad’s 87th birthday. When we sang to him before he blew out the candles, his smile was as big as the kids. It was an excellent opportunity to not only encourage my dad, but to teach our grandchildren that you are never too old to celebrate a milestone. Every year God grants us is precious and worth celebrating.

In Exodus, the Israelites built monuments of stone at the places where an important events or milestones occurred. These markers, sometimes a mere mound of stones, served as a reminder to teach their children about these important happenings. Our family is building monuments. Not of stone, but of memories. Memorialize with lots of pictures. I pray they serve as a lasting memorial to our children and grandchildren. A reminder as they begin the next year of life—you are loved.

How are you celebrating the milestones in your family?

My Prayer: Dear God, You show me how much You love me in so many ways. Help me find opportunities to show my family how much I treasure them everyday, not only on special milestones.


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