Welcome to our adventure.

Once again I step into unknown territory as I develop this blog. A venture I hope will help me share information with and glean knowledge from others who are walking in Raising grandchildrensimilar shoes. Last May, my husband, Bill, and I began parenting two of our grandchildren. Isaac was 2 and Katrena 7. We’ve raised our three girls plus two other girls through the foster system. How much different could it be? In one word, enormous! We are much older than when we did this the first time. The joints are stiffer, the energy level greatly reduced and somehow, even with our hearing not as good as it once was, they seem so loud. What has not surprised us is the blessing we are receiving from raising these dear ones. Every day they do or say something that penetrates our weariness and exhaustion and makes us smile. Or cry. Sometimes both. Please join us on our journey into our golden years. Much different than we expected but hopefully producing a more blessed legacy.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to our adventure.

  1. Cathy Morley

    These past few years of my life have been a real time of learning and growing. I’ve learned to ask for the Lord’s blessings…and He has graciously given many to me. But I have discovered that blessings can be painful! I’ve learned to call them painfully, wonderful experiences. The lessons I’m learning have stretched me beyond what is comfortable…they hurt. Yet I wouldn’t trade any of them, because they have drawn me closer to Jesus. My prayers are with all of you as you enter into this painfully, wonderful adventure…one day at a time!

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  2. Mary Seager

    God be with you as you take on this awesome responsibility. Few jobs off such a tremendous result as raising a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. It will be trying yes but the benefits to you and your husband and especially the children will far out weigh the troubles. I ask Gods blessing on this blog, as I am certain it will help many parent and grandparents as we seek to raise our children. God bless you both.


  3. I will not say I know what you are feeling because each of our stories are different. However, I will tell you that I understand how much your life has changed and that you are a wonderful person for doing this for those children. After raising 4 of my own children our oldest daughter had an emotional and mental breakdown which lead to her coming home pregnant. We later found out it was twins and cared for her as she was pregnant. Less than a year after they were born she had another breakdown (far worst than any before) and left the twins with my husband and I . Over a year later and we have now determined that she is not going to ever be stable enough to take care of them. Our life has changed, as our youngest walked across the stage to graduate we began to gear up to do it all again instead of finally enjoy our life alone. I don’t know what you are feeling, but I can tell you that every moment of every day that you give to those children will come back as you watch them grow into amazing adults.


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