Welcome to our adventure.

Once again I step into unknown territory as I develop this blog. A venture I hope will help me share information with and glean knowledge from others who are walking in Raising grandchildrensimilar shoes. Last May, my husband, Bill, and I began parenting two of our grandchildren. Isaac was 2 and Katrena 7. We’ve raised our three girls plus two other girls through the foster system. How much different could it be? In one word, enormous! We are much older than when we did this the first time. The joints are stiffer, the energy level greatly reduced and somehow, even with our hearing not as good as it once was, they seem so loud. What has not surprised us is the blessing we are receiving from raising these dear ones. Every day they do or say something that penetrates our weariness and exhaustion and makes us smile. Or cry. Sometimes both. Please join us on our journey into our golden years. Much different than we expected but hopefully producing a more blessed legacy.